Happy Customers and Press

Happy Customers

"I was lucky enough to win a styling make-over session with Ashley -- aka the luckiest day of my fashion life. I had recently given birth to my first child, and was struggling (and too exhausted!) to fit my new body. She was quick to identify what my style was, but also gently directed me towards pieces outside my comfort zone that I loved.  Ashley has impeccable taste, and a lovely beside manner than makes you feel safe to experiment. She helped me re-discover the "woman" in the new mom. And that new confidence carried over into my work and personal life in wonderfully unforeseen ways. I owe her so much. Highly recommend!!!"

- Charlotte S.

Ashley is amazing! She's fun, flexible, and smart, and super skilled at figuring what your style is and how to shape a closet that expresses that. I love the clothing she helped me find, I'm thrilled to no longer have the clothing she helped me get rid of, and I learned a lot from her going forward about how to shop.

Anna S.

I worked with Ashley Gold Kanfer after having my baby boy about 4 months prior. My body had changed, but my wardrobe hadn't and I was headed back to work in a new client facing position in the tech world. I needed to look trendy, professional (but not too serious) and didn't have time/didn't want to go shopping so I turned to Ashley. She was AMAZING. She came to my apartment and helped me go through my entire closet and evaluate all of my clothes as keep or donate - this is something I dread doing myself and honestly am horrible at so having her help was game-changing. As we went along she even helped me discover old pieces that I hadn't worn in awhile and showed me how to pair them with pieces I already owned or made recommendations for additions to my wardrobe. The recommendations were great as they allowed me to add one piece to my closet that would pair with 3-4 other pieces creating many new outfits without breaking the bank. Once we were done with the closet, Ashley helped me by providing awesome online shopping recommendations for the pieces she knew would complete my wardrobe. I hate shopping so having someone with a sense of style and know-how like Ashley was fantastic. I highly recommend working with Ashley - you won't be disappointed! I have been back at work for 2 weeks now and have received compliments every day on my new look :)
Thank you again!!!!

- Emily 

I have been shopping with Ashley for 6 years and couldn’t be happier. She has always been able to outfit me for special occasions such as formal dinners, dates, and school functions.  After giving birth to my second daughter, I needed a closet update. She was ever so helpful in sorting through my clothes. When I am looking for a new top or pant to replace my old ones, she is always ready to help. She always has different styles for me to choose from and is very honest about what styles fit my body. She knows what is trending yet also knows what is practical for my everyday wardrobe. When holidays and birthdays come around, she is very thoughtful in contacting my husband to make sure I had a lovely gift and she always knows the perfect piece of jewelry to pull the outfit together. If I ever have a question for what type of clothing to wear for an event, Ashley is who I call. She is happy to help whether I am choosing from my current wardrobe or shopping for something new.

- Amy O.

I loved Goldy+Mac and now am thrilled Ashley can still dress me!  She has a great eye for selecting clothing and accessories appropriate for the person. She is talented, very stylish,  and creative! My wardrobe is primarily thanks to Ashley.  My friends always know when they compliment me on my style, where the item came from.  Ashley is my style guru!

- Laura W.


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