About me

After 12+ years of owning the boutique GOLDY+MAC, I decided to venture out on my own to provide personal styling, closet cleanses, host shopping events, and sell accessories and clothes on social media. While I loved the social aspect of having retail stores, I now love that I can connect one on one and provide style in many ways.  I also can now access many price points and sources for my client's merchandise as opposed to having to maintain the one at my stores.  Women who shopped at my stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island continue to have me send them style packages (a la stitch fix)  even after moving out of NY.   Need a stylish and stress free gift?  I'm happy to provide that for you too whether it's for significant others , friends, or teachers.
I love helping people look and feel their best whether they are going to a party, to a job interview. or just for running errands.  We all are juggling so much and often neglect taking care of ourselves.  Let me help you take style off your list of things to get to!
I can bargain shop for you or determine whether it's worth it to splurge.  Sometimes it's worth spending extra on a luxury item, and other times getting a deal on a trendy item is the way to go.
I'm familiar with many different brands and where to 
go for the best fit and most flattering styles.
Price: $100 an hour, 2 hour minimum.  If styling in person, extra half hour charged for travel time within NYC.
When I revamp closets, I help clients with some tough love, and get rid of the clutter and items that don't make them look their best. Standardizing hangers, grouping by category and color, and not having too much redundancy will greatly improve your closet's precious real estate!  You will have more space, less clutter (physically and mentally), and make getting ready in the morning so much less challenging.  I can even help you find new ways to wear what you hold on to.  
Price: $325 for two hours.  If more time is required/desired, hourly styling rate is charged.
I also love having shopping events which can be tailored to a particular group/occasion.
I sell a curated selection of affordable clothing and accessories on Instagram @goldy195.
I think of myself as providing full service style  between personal styling, hosting events, revamping closets, selling items on social media, or having shopping events.  I  love working with clients to help them look and feel their best. I've dressed and styled thousands of women over the years. Wanting to look stylish isn't superficial, it lifts spirits and opens doors.